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Our company have existed on the market since 2005. The beginnings of our business activity were concentrated on installing GPS tracking devices in our clients’ vehicles. We have completed hundreds of specialized installations of monitoring devices. Nowadays, in order to fit into requirements of the market we have authored our own monitoring system – „Geolocator”. The system allows to view monitored objects in real-time. The data are gathered and sent through GPS and GSM networks.

Unlike other companies we offer an access to an application in demo version that allows to familiarize oneself with the system. There is no need of installing any application – all that is needed is an internet browser. The system is available on-line twenty-four-hours per day.

Due to the fact that we are the authors of the system, we are able to adjust the system to even most demanding client’s needs. Our offer is being constantly improved in terms of equipment as well as in terms of programming.

We welcome you to get familiar with our offer:

In order to get familiar with the details of our offer we encourage to make an appointment with our trade consultant.