Based upon years of experience and observation of related navigation systems we introduce our own project.
Currently, GEOLOCATOR, is superior to competition in its functionality, working speed and technological innovations.
We are first in Poland to offer innovative solutions of vehicle report in real-time!
Our offer is constantly being improved in regard to hardware and software systems.
Unlike other companies we adjust the software to client’s requirements.


Geolocator is a monitoring system of:
  • Vehicles
  • People
  • Establishments
Geolocator is based upon most innovative electronic devices available in field of telemetry:
  • GPS/GPRS transmitters with CAN readers.
  • Wireless 3G/GPRS video cameras
  • Alarm terminals integrated with the system
Advantages of our product:
  • Localization of vehicles on the territory of entire Europe.
  • Most precise and fast working maps of the world.
  • Current viewing of vehicle localization, speed and level of fuel.
  • Drawing of completed routes in real-time together with the actual direction of the vehicle.
  • Current viewing of drivers’ data.
  • Reports generated in the real-time.
  • Reports of the journey and stopovers: time of journey, time of stopover, place of the start and the end of the journey, account of the kilometers driven.
  • Reports of fuel measurements in the form of bar chart.
  • Reports regarding the kilometers driven.
  • Protective function: remote blocking and unblocking of the engine action.
  • Twenty-four-hour access to system On-Line
  • We adjust the system to clients’ requirements. If you have an idea or you need a new report, we are able to create one specially for you.
  • Our devices possess independent source of power that monitor the vehicle even after disconnecting vehicle’s power system.
  • All our installed devices possess CE certificates and homologations.
  • Having our devices installed you can apply for a discount with the insurer.
  • Clear terms of the contract without hidden costs.

Innovative solutions

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Real-time generated reports of completed journeys presented in the visual form.

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Automatically generated direction of the drive presented in visual form with the possibility of viewing information such as localization, speed, level of the fuel at any point of the journey.

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Totally new approach to service and intuitiveness of the program. Basic reports available in the first board!

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Choice of the period of the generated report from the map level without the need of delving into subpage applications.

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Reports of fuel measurements in the form of bar chart allowing for viewing the fuel levels along with the accuracy to time. (one bar = average measurement within 10 minutes)
Innovative solution allowing for blocking engine’s activity of a stolen vehicle.

Unlike the ‘protection’ subscriptions of other companies, in order to gain access to this function, our client is not obligated to pay any extra subscription payments.
You are more than welcomed to get familiar with the system. - This link leads to fully available demonstrative version, thanks to which you can find out about the advantages of the system.

What is the cost of system implementation?

Description Price  
Cost of SIM card 0 EUR  
Monthly subscription from 15* EUR  
Device installation from 50* EUR  
GPS localizer from 120* EUR More
* The price does not include VAT tax and depends on the type of the chosen package.
If you have any questions, please use our contact form or contact with our sales department.