Navsystems is a supplier of integrated telemetric systems. We are the authors of highly advanced GPS monitoring system – Geolocaor, that enables an effective vehicle fleet management. The system has many innovative functions such as: remote shutting down of an ignition by means of a cell phone or visualization of the vehicle’s route in real-time. For localization of the vehicles we use the best monitoring devices available on the market that analyze vehicle parameters on the beat: current positions, speed, fuel consumption and many more. The data are gathered in real-time, and are being sent day and night to our headquarters. Subsequently the data are made available online through the computer system.
Our offer is being constantly improved in terms of equipment as well as in terms of programming. Unlike other companies we adjust the programming to client’s requirements. All of our devices have essential certificates and homologations. Additionally our specialists have license to install our product even in the newest vehicles without influencing manufacturers’ warranty. „Geolocator” system also cooperates with personal localizers, cell phones with built in GPS receivers or wireless GPRS/3G video cameras.


  • Systems of vehicle fleet management
  • GPS monitoring
  • GPS protection
  • Vehicle localization
  • Selling of monitoring devices
  • Systems fulfilling client’s requirements
About us

About us

  • We exists since 2005
  • We execute every commission
  • Best quality of the service
  • Unbeatable prices


  • We are the authors of this original monitoring system
  • Current viewing of the vehicles
  • Current measurement of the fuel
  • Clear reports
  • 24-hour On-line access