Vehicle protection

Your vehicle was stolen? Recover it on your own.


  • Localization on the digital map.
  • Remote ignition shut off.
  • Life protection thanks to anti-burglary switch.
  • Discounts for insurance due to additional security.

Innovative solutions

Blokowanie pracy silnika z poziomu aplikacji

An innovative solution that serves for blocking engine’s activity from the Geolocator application through the special button.

Blokowanie pracy silnika SMS

An innovative solution than enables to block the engine of the stolen vehicle independently by means of a cell phone.

Why GPS protection?


Unfortunately even the best car alarm is only effective until the potential thief escapes with our car. What about our safety inside the vehicle? Kidnapping of the drivers also happen. GPS systems are able to provide the security for you and your vehicles. Constant localization, full access to monitored vehicle, the police intervention in case of life threat situations – these are the functions no other alarms have ever offered. High technology allows to cut off the ignition of the stolen car as well as to send all alarm signals automatically to the monitoring centre.

All of the systems offered by our firm are well known, tested and possess certificate that enable for the installation of the systems in new vehicles without the fear for loss of warranty.